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One of the largest showrooms of new and used piano’s in the Midlands. We are a family business established for over 30 years. We sell both new and used pianos and believe it is important to offer a wide range of makes to choose from. By getting to know the best pianos to stock and preparing them to a high standard, we have built up a great deal of knowledge and expertise over the years. We always offer a warm and friendly welcome, Jon & Chris.

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Josef’s Pianos

5 - 7 Bridge Street



NN14 6EW

United Kingdom

Tel: 01536 710529

Shop Opening Hours:

10am - 5.00pm

Monday to Saturday

Evenings by appointment

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 Piano review:- Kawai

Kawai K2

Kawai K3

Kawai K6

Kawai is a major Japanese brand providing a range of good quality pianos. They offer a warmer more mellow tone with a really rich bass.

Kawai have a long heritage of piano making with a family tradition going back to 1927. They have always been very innovative in the development of piano action materials and now incorporate carbon fibre into their ABS action parts. The extra strength is said to offer a faster and more responsive operation with greater power and more control.

Kawai pianos are known worldwide and have been used and selected by many International Competition winners. They have been supplied to places such as the Barbican Centre in London and Trinity College of Music.


The uprights are now the K series starting with the 114cm K2 and the 121cm K3, both offering good value. There is also the K5 at 125cm and the K6 and K8 both 132cm. which all offer more depth and volume as well as other enhancements.

Grands start with the 5`0” GM 10, followed by the GE 20 and GE30 which are larger but still economically priced. The higher level RX series range from 5`5” up to 7`6” and there are even larger concert grands available.

Kawai GE20

Kawai RX3

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Kawai Factory

ABS carbon fibre action