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One of the largest showrooms of new and used piano’s in the Midlands. We are a family business established for over 30 years. We sell both new and used pianos and believe it is important to offer a wide range of makes to choose from. By getting to know the best pianos to stock and preparing them to a high standard, we have built up a great deal of knowledge and expertise over the years. We always offer a warm and friendly welcome, Jon & Chris.

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Tel: 01536 710529

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 Piano review:- Kawai

Kawai pianos are one of the major mainstream Japanese brands with a long heritage of piano making and a family tradition dating back to 1927. Kawai pianos offer a warmer more mellow tone with a rich distinctive bass and excellent responsiveness through their Millennium III action.

As a dynamic company, Kawai have always been very innovative in the development of piano action materials and incorporate carbon fibre into their ABS Millennium III action parts. The extra strength is considered to offer a faster and more responsive operation with greater power and more control.

Brand history:

Kawai pianos are known worldwide and have been used and selected by many International Competition winners. They have been supplied to places such as the BBC, the Barbican Centre, and the Trinity College of Music, among many other universities, churches and concert halls around the UK and the world.

The Kawai family tradition began in 1927 when the company's founder Koichi Kawai established the Kawai Musical Laboratory where he and his small team built Japans first complete piano action. Inheriting the company dream, Shigeru Kawai, the second president invested in expanding the company and in 1980 opened the Ryuyo Grand Piano Factory one of the largest and most advanced piano building factories in the world. The current president Hirotaka Kawai, who expanded Kawai globally, was appointed in 1989 and continues the family goal of building the highest quality pianos in the world.

The Kawai Piano Company has an impressive environmental record and in 1997 the Ryuyo Grand Piano Facility became the first manufacturing plant in the industry to receive ISO 14001, the world's foremost certification for environmental management. Since then two other Kawai piano factories have also received this certificate.

Key features:


Kawai use a broad range of woods which are meticulously analysed for quality and character before being selected for each specific purpose. This process gives the pianos that Kawai tonal character which is rich and mellow, with a balanced mid-range and fine treble.

Millennium III Action

Kawai pianos use a traditional action developed over many years which uses the latest materials, ABS and Carbon Fibre, to create something expressive, innovative and unique. The new materials convey benefits to durability, playability, and repetition which all need to be experienced in person to appreciate the benefits for touch and tone.

Hands holding a chisel used in piano making Kawai RX Grand Piano action Kawai Factory in Ryuyo The Kawai logo on a grand piano soundboard The bridge of a Kawai piano being carved Hammers in a Kawai piano action Kawai Grand Piano action

Hybrid Pianos

As one of the most innovative companies producing pianos, Kawai have incorporated their wealth of experience in digital piano construction and development to provide a silent system option for their range of acoustic pianos.

Kawai Anytime ATX3 silent piano module Kawai Anytime ATX3 touch screen conrtrol panel

Their newest range the AnytimeX3 brings some amazing development in sound technology to acoustic piano players and brings useful features such as recording, monitoring, and playback. These features are all accessible from a touch screen incorporated into the piano keyboard. The AnytimeX pianos can also incorporate a sound board speaker as an additional hybrid piano option.

See more about our silent piano options on our dedicated page here.


The style of a Kawai piano is quite distinctive with a sleek modern take on traditional shapes and lines. Many models feature a slow fall keyboard cover and a generously sized music rack which provide an excellent workspace for the player.

Detail of Kawai GX series grand piano Detail of Kawai GX series grand piano


Upright Pianos:

Grand Pianos:

Higher level models

The Kawai range does also extend beyond the above models and includes a concert grand piano series the EX and the hand-built Shigeru Kawai series. For more information regarding these please get in touch.

Our Stock:

Kawai Delaler of the year awardAs a main dealer and stockist, we are approved by Kawai as a Selection Centre for their pianos and in 2012 we were proud to receive their dealer of the year award! We stock every size of upright piano from K15 to K600 along with an ATX3 digital silent model, in our grand range we include the GL-10, GL-30, and GX-2 which all give excellent size options and price points for comparison.

By stocking a wide range of models, you can compare and evaluate them in person, whether you are beginner, advanced or professional. In our quiet and relaxed showrooms, we can help you select the right option with our years of experience.

Once the choice is made our skilled preparation work can tailor the individual piano that you will have into a unique and personalised instrument.

Please get in touch if there are other finishes, models, or sizes that you may be interested in. We may have them in stock or as a main UK dealer we are able to order these directly from Kawai. Any orders come to us direct before delivery to you and will still benefit from our skilled work and personalised service.

Kawai K15 upright piano Kawai K200 upright piano Kawai K300 upright piano

Kawai K15

Kawai K200

Kawai K300

Kawai K500 upright piano Kawai K300 upright piano

Kawai K500

Kawai K600

Kawai GL-10

Kawai GL-30

Kawai GX-2

Kawai GL-10 Grand Piano Kawai GL-20 Grand Piano Kawai GX-2 Concert Grand Piano

Please feel free to contact us for more information, quotes or advice on Kawai Pianos.

01536 710529 or at