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One of the largest showrooms of new and used piano’s in the Midlands. We are a family business established for over 30 years. We sell both new and used pianos and believe it is important to offer a wide range of makes to choose from. By getting to know the best pianos to stock and preparing them to a high standard, we have built up a great deal of knowledge and expertise over the years. We always offer a warm and friendly welcome, Jon & Chris.

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Josef’s Pianos

5 - 7 Bridge Street



NN14 6EW

Tel: 01536 710529

Shop Opening Hours:

Monday to Thursday


Fridays: 1pm-5pm

Sat, Sun & evenings:

By appointment

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 Piano review:- Quality Used Pianos

Alongside our stock of new pianos, we also offer an exciting range of used pianos, both uprights and grands, which have all been carefully selected by us using our many years of experience. They are all within a certain age with a good structural condition to give you great value for money. Many are only a few years old and can be virtually like ne.

Used Reid Sohn piano - Josefs

Used Kawai grand piano - Josefs

Used Reid Sohn Piano - Josefs Pianos  Used Kawai Grand Piano - Josefs Pianos

Once in the shop our used pianos are serviced, overhauled and repaired as needed so that they will provide many years of reliable service.

All this work requires a lot of skill and craftmanship as well as considerable training and expertise.  When buying a used piano from us you know there is over 40 years of experience and hard work supporting your choice.

Each piano comes with a three-year guarantee, delivery to ground floor and the first on-site tuning.

Some important advice

Used pianos can potentially have many problems which can be difficult to identify without expert knowledge. These can include loose tuning pins, split soundboards, and worn out action mechanisms. Some of these problems are structural and often beyond repair, while others might result in unstable tuning, uneven tone, or noises and rattles when playing. The piano may even be unusable.

Where and how a piano has been kept can be vital to its condition and extremes of damp or dry air, even just for a short while, can wreak havoc on the structure and internal mechanism. Again, these issues need experience to identify and will lead to an unsatisfactory playing experience. Wear and tear can also be a problem and knowing how much is acceptable and what to do about it is quite a skill.

Read more about this on our dedicated page 'Advice on buying used'

Worn out hammers on an old piano - Josefs Pianos

Warn out hammers

Split tuning pin block - Josefs Pianos

Split tuning pin block

So please do be careful if you are considering buying a used piano privately or from anywhere else. With the wrong purchase, a piano which should have brought passion and pleasure will only cause frustration and fail to inspire the player. If it does not play or sound right, interest will fizzle out and the player will give up.

These are the reasons why we go to the lengths we do. We aim to bring you the best experience when buying a second-hand piano by using our knowledge to carefully inspect every piano before we buy it in. This way we ensure that all the pitfalls are safeguarded against and that any necessary repairs are professionally carried out and guaranteed.

Naturally the cabinet is also an important aspect and we take any steps necessary to bring it up to showroom standard.

Regulating an upright piano - Josefs Pianos Regulating a grand piano - Josefs Pianos

Regulating of upright action

Regulating of grand action

We are also very proud of the all work we do in tuning, regulating and voicing the pianos and when this is applied to used pianos it always makes a dramatic difference. It restores the touch on the keys and brings the original tonal quality back to life.

Without this work a used piano will never sound or play at its best and will often have a harsh tone. You may never know how good the piano could have been.

When a used piano has been through our process, it is always a joy for us to see its original character and beauty shine through. It will then give you far more pleasure and enjoyment for many years.

We like to think of it as us using the knowledge and experience we have built up so that you can also appreciate the real charm of the piano yourself.

Read more about this on our dedicated page 'Tailored Preparation'

Used piano stock

We actively keep a stock of used upright and grand pianos available in a range of sizes and finishes with prices starting from only around £900. We often have pianos made by Yamaha, Kawai, Petrof, Kemble, Reid-Sohn, Bentley, Welmar, Knight, Broadwood, Chappell and Hoffmann to name just a few.

Many of our used pianos were originally sold by us and this gives us the knowledge that the piano was set up to our high standards to begin with, which very often adds to its present condition and value.

Our stock is always changing so it is best to contact us for the latest details.

We have an email brochure with photos of all our used pianos and this is updated as new pianos arrive.

Contact us here to receive a copy of our latest brochure.

Examples of our Used Upright Pianos

Used Yamaha C108N - Josefs Pianos Used Woodchester Burleigh Shubert - Josefs Pianos Used Reid Sohn RS-126 - Josefs Pianos Used Regier Kloss 109 - Josefs Pianos Used Kemble K121 - Josefs Pianos Used Kawai K15 - Josefs Pianos

Yamaha C108N

Kawai K15

Regier Kloss 109

Reid Sohn RS-126

Kemble K121

Woodchester Burleigh Shubert

Examples of our Used Grand Pianos

Used Kawai GM10 - Josefs Pianos Used Reid Sohn SG161 - Josefs Pianos Used Petrof Model IV Chippendale - Josefs Pianos

Kawai GM10

Reid Sohn SG161

Petrof Model IV Chippendale